Neutron Depth Profiling "Chambers"

Neutron Depth Profiling (NDP) is a nondestructive analytical technique for measuring the concentration profile of isotopes from several light elements as a function of depth. The concentration profile in the first few micrometers of a surface is determined by analyzing the energy spectrum of charged particles promptly emitted following neutron capture by the element.

The figures above represent a few examples of largely unprocessed NDP spectra. The data illustrates several nuclides analyzed by NDP within the near surface of materials. After data processing, the quantity of nuclide is determined. Although not always necessary, if the sample composition is well known a depth scale can be assigned to create an elemental concentration profile.

Metrological Attributes of NDP


Chemical & Ionization state independent

Nearly interference free

Good depth resolution (nm's)

Few to 10's of µm depth of view


Little or no sample preparation required

Almost unlimited sample size or shape

Moderate time resolution (seconds to hours)

Links to NDP Facilities

ÚJF NPI (Czechia)

MLZ (Germany)


Ohio State Univ.- NARS (USA)

Oregon State (USA)

Penn. State Univ. (USA)

TU Delft (The Netherlands)

TUM (Germany)

UT- Austin (USA)

Other Facilities

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